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Good news: Your company advertised multiple open positions on job boards and received a sizeable number of applicants! Bad news: You have no idea what do next.

Your team spends the next few weeks scrambling to review CVs, coordinate interviews, conduct phone screenings, shortlist candidates and assess applicant skills and fit… all while trying to manage their daily workloads.

Sound familiar? That’s because every growing organization faces the same issues.

On average, it takes companies over 250 hours to find the best candidate for ONE position. 250 hours that could have been better spent elsewhere.

This is where Xobin Interact comes in! Xobin Interact is an online assessment platform that is designed to simplify your pre-employment assessment process. It automates recruitment and helps organizations identify the best candidate with minimal time and effort.

Why Xobin Interact

Xobin Interact helps you shortlist the best candidates for a job by conducting intelligent pre-employment assessment tests. As a job poster, you can select from a pool of over 100 assessment tests and invite candidates to complete them. Once they complete the test, you will be able to gain a clear understanding of each candidates’ key strengths and weaknesses.

Xobin Interact doubles your chances of identifying the best candidate for a position by helping you widen your applicant pool and increase your applicant intake.

How Xobin Interact works

When you are ready to provide candidates with an assessment, you can choose from a menu of pre-defined assessments or create your own. If you choose one of our pre-defined assessments, all you have to do is click the “add assessment” button, and your assessment will be created! If you prefer to create your own tailored assessment, don’t worry! Creating a custom assessment takes less than 30 seconds.


Once you have your assessment ready to go you can begin inviting candidates to take the test. Upon candidate completion of the test, you will receive a detailed analysis of their performance.

We want to ensure you are receiving accurate and honest results from your candidates. As a result, all candidates must have their webcams on during the assessment. Our intelligent system will proctor the candidate’s behavior and ensure they completed the test without cheating.

Xobin Interact offers more than just technical assessments. You can also have candidates complete inside sales assessments, general aptitude tests (including verbal and quantitative tests), executive assessments, marketing executive assessments and psychometric tests (including emotional intelligence, sales and numerical ability tests). Below is a sample results report from a psychometric assessment test.

Customer Testimonials 

Naithrav, Head of HR, Ideas2It:- Xobin Interact, as an assessment platform served as a filtering mechanism, the first round of our interview process, helping us pick the right candidates that would fit our organization. As months progressed, they presented us with quite a few features and enhancements, both in the testing interface as well as the admin, which saved a huge amount of our time. When I needed to test candidates for coding, Xobin gave the right platform to allow my candidates to let in their codes for the given problems and helped us focus clearly on aspects that were key in our hiring process.

Madhulika, Co-Founder & CEO, Survaider:- We used Xobin Interact to hire our 2 full stack engineers. I got assistance from Krishna, which was very helpful, regarding best practices and common pitfalls. While the dashboard was super easy and intuitive to use, Xobin’s team assisted me with how much time each test can require to complete, since I was new to that. All in all, its a great product for growth stage companies, really shortens your hunting process with their exhaustive library of questions and other suite of features.

Rakesh, Co-Founder & CEO, Taxgenie:- Xobin Interact platform helped us to declutter candidate profile who are technical sound for final interview. Prior to this we had number of challenges to find right candidate for recruitment. We are also planning to extend this platform for internal assessment of our own employees which will help us to plan for further training program.

What’s included in this 49$ Deal ?

Thanks to Siftery, you can skip the $1200 price tag and purchase lifetime access to Xobin Interact’s Growth Plan for just $49!

The Interact Growth Plan includes:

  • 50 candidate invitations/month for a lifetime period
  • Full access to all assessment tests and questions
  • Capacity to conduct code pairing sessions
  • Option to add your own coding questions and MCQ’s
  • Basic branding  features during assessments so applicants can see your company name, logo etc.


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