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Docsify deal ended on March 9th, 2018.

Before webinars were created, sending personalized messages to large groups of people was difficult. With email, you could send messages to thousands of people, but personalizing these messages was time-consuming. With Skype, you could have rich, personalized conversations, but the reach of your messaging was limited.

With webinars, however, you can disseminate information to large groups of people, while maintaining the personalized aspects of a video call. Unfortunately, most webinar companies charge over $100 per month to utilize their services. As a result, these platforms are inaccessible to entrepreneurs and small businesses who cannot afford to shell out thousands of dollars per year on webinar technology.

This is where WebinarSuite comes in

WebinarSuite is a cloud-based webinar service that provides you with all of the features you need to conduct a successful webinar!

Founded on two premises, simplicity and affordability, WebinarSuite is the perfect webinar platform regardless of your background and experience with webinar technology.

We designed the platform to be effortless and have a small learning curve. In addition, in case you have any questions, or run into any roadblocks, we provide you with a detailed set of instructions for every step of the webinar process, as well as a dedicated support team.

Check out a demonstration video of our software in action below!

Furthermore, we believe that no one should have to pay an arm and a leg just to rub a webinar. That’s why we’ve partnered with Siftery to offer you lifetime access to WebinarSuite for just $49! Whether you need to teach a class, run a demonstration or host a seminar, WebinarSuite has got your back.

How WebinarSuite works

  1. Fill out a simple form to create your webinar.

  1. Our system will process your information and create landing pages for you.

  1. WebinarSuite also offers you the option to integrate your webinar with your email marketing provider.

  1. After your webinar has been created, you can start promoting your registration page by sharing its URL link.

  1. Want to know how registration is going? Use our analytics tools to measure and track your performance.

  1. Ready for your webinar? All you need to do is start a Google Hangout On Air and integrate it with WebinarSuite!

7. After your webinar is completed, we will automatically create a webinar replay page for you which you can share with all of your subscribers.

What’s included in this deal

Thanks to Siftery, you can dodge the $108/year price tag and purchase a lifetime access license to WebinarSuite for a one time fee of $49! And to make it even better, you will get free lifetime updates!

Here are the features included in this lifetime deal:

For a full list of features included in this deal, click here.


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  1. Hi, sorry for the late response. You can customize the content of the emails through your email marketing service if you choose to integrate one. If you do not, then the default webinar confirmation email will be sent.

  2. Hi, how can I purchase WebinarSuite with the additional add-on? I don’t see the option for that at the “pay with card” option

  3. ah yep.. 😉 ! I didn’t get that, looked like it is still available..! But I found the end-date in the facebook group later yesterday..!

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