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UserGuiding deal ended on April 30th, 2018.

Building a great product is difficult. Despite spending hours ideating ways to become more competitive and immense amounts of money on sales and marketing, many companies still struggle with low conversion rates. Why? Because of inefficient user onboarding. No consumer wants to spend hours on end learning how to use your product, when they can opt for  simpler alternatives.

User Guiding can help you solve this problem. By enabling you to create simple interactive guides, you can onboard your consumers seamlessly and grow your revenue.

How can user onboarding improve my business?

Conversation Rates: Most new consumers make purchase related decisions during the first few minutes of engaging with your product. With UserGuiding, you can increase the number of leads to paid users. Don’t believe us? Kushfly, one of our many subscribers, increased their conversation rate by 11% over three months!

Customer Support: Customer support officers are expensive and typically answer the same questions over and over again. With UserGuiding, you can provide consumers with useful tips on how to navigate your product, thus decreasing cost expenditures on customer support agents. Akaunting tried this out, and the number of open customer support tickets they had decreased 25%!

Customer Satisfaction: Keeping your users satisfied is important. With UserGuiding you can make navigating and using your product easier, ensuring your consumers are always happy. Take Mobile Action for example. Their Net Promoter Score increased 16% over the course of a quarter.

How do I use UserGuiding?

We’ve put in a great deal of effort to ensure our own user onboarding process is seamless. Here is an overview of how to use UserGuiding.

First, you will need to install UserGuiding’s Chrome extension.
But don’t worry, your users don’t need to install anything. They will be able to access your guides on any web browser.

Once you’ve installed the extension, your product manager or UX designer can begin to create simple interactive guides without even having to code!

Copy and paste the code we provide you with into the head section of your webpage. You can also add in the code by using Google Tag Manager.

You can easily manage all of your guides using the dashboard feature. And once they’re ready to go, you can activate them with the click of a button.

Why UserGuiding?

Check out our live product demo to learn more about how UserGuiding works!

What’s included in this deal?

By signing up for the UserGuiding Lifetime Plan you will gain access to the following features:



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