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Deal ended on June 12th, 2018.

Sales representatives send thousands of emails a year and typically see a response rate of 3-15%. Although it may be easy to monitor and track the leads that fall within this category, it is difficult to organize your unresponsive leads and understand which of them to prioritize.

With Torch, lead management is simple and easy. Torch categorizes your outreach so that you know which leads have replied, which of your emails have bounced and which of your leads you need to follow up with. Torch also lets you instantly find anyone’s corporate email address and track when leads open your emails. Already using another CRM? Don’t worry! Torch works with Gmail, so you can easily enjoy Torch’s features even if you are using another CRM or any other sales tools.

How does Torch work?

Torch Scan

Torch Scan automatically generates folders which organize your leads so you know exactly who to follow up with and when. These folders segment your leads according to five categories: all of your leads for a given time period, the leads you have already followed up with, the prospects you still need to follow up with, the leads that replied and the prospects whose emails bounced. You can use this information to clear out your CRM of invalid email addresses and locate updated information. You can also easily navigate through lead responses and pending conversations. All you need to do to gain access to all of this valuable information is enter a simple set of criteria, such as how long you would like to wait until following up with leads, and your folders will be instantly generated.

Torch Find

With Torch Find you can easily find anyone’s email address by searching their name and company domain name. This will allow you to easily locate any leads you want to reach out to, and also enable you to update any invalid information.

Torch Verify

With Torch Verify you can instantly verify any email address. All you need to do is open the Torch dialog box in your Gmail account and enter the email address you want to verify into the “Verify Email” tab. Torch will analyze this email address and tell you if emails sent to this address will bounce.

Track email opens

With Torch you can also view and track which of your leads have opened your emails. Torch notifies you of email views in three separate ways:

  1. Everytime a prospect opens your email you receive a Chrome notification
  2. All opened emails are marked with a check mark in your sent emails folders
  3. Using the History Stream feature you can view all of your email opens in aggregate

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