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SurveySparrow deal ended on Jan 31st, 2018.


SurveySparrow is an online survey software which lets you turn surveys into conversations. With a conversational interface, SurveySparrow enables users to create and share highly engaging, mobile-first surveys that offer a chat-like experience.

With easy sharing options, SurveySparrow allows you to share your surveys across web, mobile, social and email platforms, making it easy to collect feedback from your target audience.

Why SurveySparrow?

Despite the important role surveys play in shaping user decisions and experiences, filling out surveys is not something people enjoy doing. User perceptions of surveys are further worsened by outdated and boring layouts and features. This is where SurveySparrow comes in. With a conversational, and easy-to-use interface, SurveySparrow makes surveys more personal and engaging, resulting in 40% higher completion rates.

What’s included

Siftery Deals provides you with a single user SurveySparrow Premium Account at just $49 annually (if you are interested in adding another master user, there are additional fees incorporated). And yes, if you like you can renew it every following year for the same price – $49/year!. Premium Plan features includes

Recurring Surveys: Through the recurring surveys feature you can send surveys to your target audience during scheduled intervals. All you have to do is configure the survey once and you are ready to collect data!

Audience Management: SurveySparrow allows you to segment your audience and send periodic surveys to target groups.

Reminders: If your users still haven’t filled out your survey, you can configure and send periodic reminders via email.

Scoring: Through the scoring feature you can assign value points to specific answers in your survey, making analysis much easier!

Branding: When you use SurveySparrow, you don’t have to worry about branding. You can add your logo and name to each survey, as if it was your own.

Display Logic: You can make your surveys more intuitive by tracking respondents’ answers to previous questions and asking follow up, logic-based questions.

Unlimited Responses: We want you to collect as much information as possible! There are no limits on how many responses you can receive.

Why this SurveySparrow deal by Siftery is a great steal 🤑!

UpComing Premium Plan Features

(Note: You will not be charged for future addtions to the premium plan)

Embedding: Using the “embed surveys” feature, you can easily embed surveys on to your website and collect feedback from site visitors.

Zapier integration: SurveySparrow supports Zapier integration, allowing you to connect with your favorite apps seamlessly.

API: Looking to enhance your productivity? Integrate the SurveySparrow API on to your website.

Thank You page customization: We want you to have control over how you engage with your respondents. Feel free to edit the “thank you” page as you see fit.

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