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Rocketium deal ended on December 15.

  Make Buzzfeed-style videos in under 5 minutes and get 12x more social engagement

Short story. You believe that short, social videos are the thing. You want to make videos too. Making them is expensive. It takes time. Only some professionals can do it. Someone should solve this.

Let’s create a picture for this story.

Sam is a social media marketer who manages all the social media channels for his business. He wants to engage with people online and grow his brand’s name and sees that most other brands and even individuals are using videos. He believes in videos as you do. His boss, Joyce, has the mandate of making tons of short videos.

Sam starts exploring a few video tools and talking to agencies which could help him out. But very soon the reality sets in –  he spends days learning a software, and it still takes hours to make just one video. Suddenly, making videos is not just a painful process but has become a roadblock in his daily workday as he can’t find time for research, distribution, etc. The agency conversation stops the moment it comes to cost and turnaround times. and she can’t hire hundreds of such people. A few online tools are there but they aren’t as flexible and all the videos look the same. Joyce sees his agony but can’t hire dozens of people to just make videos.

Today, you have a choice to not be in Sam’s or Joyce’s shoes. Rocketium is out to solve this problem of making short, captioned videos without investing in loads of time, money and people.

If you are using social media and videos to create a unique presence for your brand, Rocketium is the perfect fit for you!.

Benefits of Rocketium:

Easy-to-use editor, Instant Preview & Custom Styling options:

  • The free form editor and built in templates lets you create a video automatically with preset styles and timings, ready for download. Yes, that quick!
  • No design skills are required to use Rocketium. If you’d like to change the styles or set timing on your own, you can make your choices options and save it as a custom theme and use it to make your next video in just one click.
  • Brand your video with custom logo and music, or choose from a wide collection of tracks across genres to suit the tone of your stories.


Premium Images and Video footages:

  • Rocketium provides a premium collection of over 10 million HD quality stock footages, photos and music that you can use for your videos. If you have your own content, you can upload and fetch it within Rocketium itself.

Work in Teams:

  • With Rocketium, you can collaborate with more team members to make better and more videos.
  • Invite your teammates, clients or consultants to work with you. Manage all the members and their videos in one place.

Downloading and Instant sharing:

  • Connect your social media accounts, and share your video directly from Rocketium itself. You can download your video from the Dashboard and from the link sent over email too.

Check out few videos made by 31,000+ leading businesses who trust Rocketium for their video needs:



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Here is what our users feel about Rocketium:

“Rocketium is very impressive and easy to use. Happy that we can upload voiceovers and produce large amounts of videos without actually having to edit them for hours.” –Aktarr TV

“Rocketium is much faster than After Effects. Really liking the multiple caption styling options Rocketium provides. A video that we created with Rocketium got more than 150k views on Facebook in less than a day!” – Born Realist

“We use Rocketium to drop text on screen, in short or long edits, without having anyone learn other tools like Adobe Premiere.” – Kris Heineman, The Enthusiast Networks

“Our traction for videos created through Rocketium has increased a lot. We love the platform!” – Shruti, Milaap

“With gorgeous dynamic features, fast loading times, and brilliant assets, Rocketium is proving to be worth every penny.” – Chris Bailey, Endstation Theatre

“My favourite thing about Rocketium is the ease of use. Adding images and simply overlaying it with text has helped us make more than 120 videos a month for our Facebook channel.” – Naveen, Sportskeeda

“My team members are making lots of videos with Rocketium and are getting a great response on social media. Everytime I show Rocketium to someone, they love it!” – Malcolm Laurie

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What you get with this deal:

Lifetime access to Rocketium Professional for just $49. Normally that would cost you $1470. Get it now!

  • 20 videos every month for a lifetime.
  • Add your own logo (video clip or image).
  • Create 1 team and add upto 3 members.
  • Create 40 scenes per video.
  • Upload footages and voiceovers of length up to 120 seconds per scene.
  • Add unlimited captions in each scene (200 characters per caption).
  • Access to stock media library with 10 million HD-quality royalty-free images and video clips.
  • Import media from web links.
  • Collection of 600+ transitions, overlays, motion graphics, fonts and music tracks.
  • Upload your own background music.
  • Download in landscape, square and portrait aspect ratios.
  • Custom colors for text and backgrounds.
  • Download videos to your computer.
  • Share to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.



17 Responses

  1. I have just purchased the deal and my subscription is showing up as annual and next renewal date is December 1, 2018 for the full price.

  2. Hi Taimoor!

    Thank you for purchasing the lifetime deal! You needn’t worry about the renewal.. The offer is valid til 2020!

  3. This is a lifetime deal Leo. There was some confusion surrounding this earlier. But I can assure you that will pay 49$ only once.

  4. Hello Satej and team, I clicked on the link but the price doesn’t change even after clicking on apply. It shows 190USD. Can you help?

  5. Hello. I’ve been trying to sign up for this deals for days but I never receive instructions. I don’t know if it’s an issue with me being on mobile because I can’t get the menu to toggle. I’m on an iPhone.

  6. I have bought the LTD but I think 20 videos is not enough for me, this app is too wonderful to just create 20 videos! How can I purchase more LTD? Thanks

  7. Vanda: thanks for the kind words. There were add-ons you could buy till December 15 to get additional videos but they are no longer available.

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