Sending emails will no longer cost you a fortune

MailSwift deal ended on July 7th, 2018.

Sending just one email a week to 5000 subscribers can cost you $50 to $250 per month using traditional software. You not only pay for the emails you send but also for your subscribers as well as many features you might not use. If you regularly send out emails to engage your growing subscriber base, then these costs can quickly multiply.

Switching to an advanced API service like Amazon SES can let you send 10,000 emails at just $1 however this requires development and maintenance effort.

MailSwift is an app built specifically to leverage Amazon SES to help you send newsletters and promotional mailers, 10X cheaper. All this with absolutely zero coding or maintenance efforts. As MailSwift is available for both Windows and Mac, you can simply download it and get started in a matter of a few clicks.

How does MailSwift do this?

We looked at several traditional software and stripped out all the unwanted features to make MailSwift an app that will help you get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here are some noteworthy features of MailSwift:

Easy to Use Editor: MailSwift has an easy to use editor that enables you to draft emails using an easy drag and drop interface. The editor also allows you to use pre-built templates or to import your own custom HTML templates.

Email Personalization: MailSwift lets you easily personalize your emails using mail merge. This helps you improve your engagement rates. You can use mail merge tags in the drag and drop editor as well as in your own HTML templates.

Built in List Cleaner:MailSwift’s built-in list cleaner weeds out duplicates and invalid emails from your email list. You can also choose to filter out email addresses that belong to high risk domains and invalid TLDs before you send out a campaign

Powerful Email Tracking: MailSwift leverages many powerful email tracking features offered by Amazon SES to provide you in-depth email analytics. MailSwift takes care of complex configuration and ensures that all the emails sent are properly tracked. The advanced analytics features include:

  • Campaign analytics and metrics around emails sent, emails delivered, email opened and link clicks grouped by each campaign. (Coming Soon)
  • Subscriber intelligence to help you identify dormant subscribers, subscribers whose inboxes bounce the emails, subscribers who read and click emails etc. (Coming Soon)

The MailSwift app is getting better on day to day basis. You can check the roadmap here and read the release notes here.

What is the deal?

For a limited time, you can get lifetime access to MailSwift PRO license for $49 ($299 value) and MailSwift AGENCY license for $89 ($749 value).

Why you should get this deal today?

Besides giving you an awesome product and promising you the best support, here are three more reasons why you should claim this deal today…

  • There is no deal specific feature gating. You get all the features of the actual licenses.
  • MailSwift’s built-in auto update feature will ensure that you get all future updates in a seamless manner.
  • Since MailSwift is a desktop app, the license keys you buy will stay with you forever thereby making this purchase truly future proof.

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