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MaaxMarket deal ended on June 15th.

What is MaaxMarket?

As a small business, choosing the right digital marketing tools can be difficult. With hundreds of products out there, knowing which tools are the best, and choosing between features is challenging and often costly. In addition, most marketing tools that claim to help you automate your marketing operations fail to deliver customized results.

MaaxMarket is different. At MaaxMarket, we strive to make marketing automation easier and personalized. Our AI-based platform enables you to personalize content using segmentation and predictive analytics and allows you to automate marketing operations including email marketing, social media marketing, multi-channel automation and visitor tracking and analytics.

What can Maax Market Do?

Email Marketing: Create and send personalized and targeted emails to your customers based on their behavioral data.

Social Media Marketing: Integrate and align all of your social media accounts using a central content management system.

Web Analytics: Track your consumers and web visitors in real-time and gain an understanding of their online behavior including learning about their location, devices, browsers and pages.

Multi-Channel Automation: Automate your email and social media marketing campaigns based on predefined and customizable workflows.

Web Form Integration and Lead Capturing: Integrate existing static or dynamic webforms, capture leads and send automated welcome emails to users.

Live Chat: Engage with your online visitors and connect with potential and existing consumers in real-time.

SEO Audit:  Audit your website to find out what has been preventing you from acquiring the top position in search engines.

What’s included in this deal?

By signing up for Siftery Deal’s lifetime MaaxMarket Pro Plan with 500 or 2000 contacts, you will gain access to the following features:

If you would like to increase the number of contacts you can have, you can sign up for a monthly plan and get a 30% discount! For more information, contact


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