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JotURL deal ended on August 1st, 2018.

When promoting your business, you can use a number of acquisition sources and distribution channels, ranging from social media to instant messaging to banner advertisements. Each of these channels provides you with different reports and insights, and require you to leverage a variety of techniques and tools including traffic optimization and remarketing pixels. In the sea of options, understanding which of these channels and tactics are the most valuable can be incredibly difficult. But, it is also vital for time and budget management.

Why to use JotURL?

This is where JotURL comes in. JotURL is the first all-in-one cross-channel product which allows you to track, compare and optimize acquisition sources, interactions on your content and corresponding conversion. Our centralized platform allows you to acquire a broad but granular overview of these channels so that you can identify value and opportunity immediately. Using our insights you will no longer have to spend time and money on promotions and channels that do not drive the results you want. And, JotURL is easy to use — no software installations or local code necessary!

JotUrl, unlike other similar tools, provides you with the first truly all-in-one solution in the world of links. For instance, it provides you with customizable Call-to-Actions you can associate to your links in order to increase Conversion Rates on your content, generate Leads or also drive traffic back to your site (via third-party popular content).

In addition, JotURL comes with a number of additional functions including:

  • Branded links
  • Remarketing pixels (GDPR compliant)
  • HTTPS links and SSL certificate management
  • Conversion, revenue and commission tracking
  • Traffic optimization
  • Affiliate tools
  • URL parameters
  • Links scheduling
  • Custom branded QR codes
  • Mobile responsive mini landing pages
  • Link health monitoring
  • Destination content monitoring
  • Link security monitoring
  • Team management with user permissions
  • Campaign management and sharing


Why use a Deep Link?

In the last few years digital business has definitely changed. Mobile users are dominating and marketers need to track and link users through desktop, mobile and in app, collecting and matching information across different channels and touchpoints. Deep Linking is the most flexible solution for that need. It can be implemented across different channels to improve your mobile marketing strategy and optimize in-app conversions.

Deep linking is indispensable for both, Marketers and App publishers/owners to:

– promote specific content

– link directly to pages

– link directly to third-party apps (towards Facebook, Instagram… or from Facebook to Instagram)

– increase the User Experience

– increase search rankings

– increase installs, starting from Google search results

– increase re-engagement

– maximize the in-app CR

– increase the customer LTV

Who are our current customers? Currently, JotURL is used by digital marketers, marketing managers, bloggers, social media managers and the like at large companies such as Vodafone, TIM (Telecom Italia), and Zanichelli, as well as at smaller organizations such as e-commerce companies, performance agencies and publishers.

Concerned about security? Don’t be! JotURL offers top-notch link security and content monitoring so you can run your business and forget about security pains.

What’s included in this deal?

Thanks to Siftery Deals, we are now offering two lifetime deals as well as a limited availability lifetime deal bonus pack!

The two lifetime deals we are offering are:

  • The lifetime deal Growth XL Plan for just $49
  • The lifetime deal Pro Plan for just $99
  • PRO XL LTD is already SOLD OUT!


6 Responses

  1. as a small agency, does this allow us to work with clients in the form of subaccounts?

  2. Hey Bruce, you can add them in your team just for some specific project with the ability to “read/write” or just “read only”

  3. Is this deal expired ?? There was no countdown timer or expiration date on the page 🙁 Help.

  4. Hi Abdul,

    The bad side of amazing things is they all come to an end.

    Unfortunately also the Siftery LTD promo definitely expired on August 1st at 11:59 GMT +2.

    However, based on many requests we’re still receiving, we’ve decided to offer a 1-year 50% off coupon for all Growth XL, Pro and Pro XL plans.
    This special offers will last for 2 weeks, which means you can redeem the coupon until August 16th at 11:59 pm GMT +2.

    If interested, please confirm us and we will send you a dedicated coupon. 😉


  5. Hi guys! 👋

    Here’s the 1-year 50% off coupon for all Growth XL, Pro and Pro XL plans.

    ➡️ COUPON: ‘1YEAR50-OFF’

    This special offers will last for 2 weeks, which means you can redeem the coupon until August 16th at 11:59 pm GMT +2. ❗️

    Don’t miss it! 😃

    Cheers! ✌️

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