Re-Target, Engage and Retain Users With Web Push Notifications

iZooto deal ended on December 15.


Bump up your website’s repeat traffic. Retarget your website visitors with personalized push notifications and drive conversions.

Imagine this, you are in the middle of the ocean, stranded. You try to swim, you hold onto a plank that floats nearby. But eventually you are exhausted, you gasp for air, you swallow, you black out. And just then you are saved by a rescue boat.

In this story, water is the problem you have with marketing. While there are numerous tools that promise to save you, they can hold you only for a period of time, just like your swimming and the plank (can be substituted with lifejacket if you want to feel ‘safer’).

iZooto is your rescue boat. It will not only save your marketing dollars but keep you safe throughout the journey.

Why should you hop aboard?

Last month alone, 16,500 Marketers used iZooto to push over 1 Billion Notifications, generated 20 Million repeat visitors and 51.6 Million sessions. But here is why you need to get onboard –

  1. You can retarget users while petting your cat.
  2. Personalize notifications by segmenting users with ease. (We all know gifting a lingerie to our moms is not appropriate.)
  3. Schedule your notifications so that you don’t end up sending a flight schedule when the user has already reached.
  4. Create rich-media notifications that even their snobby aunt will click through.
  5. Automate your notifications so that you can always be one step ahead.

All of this without you bugging your developers.

What we do not do

  • Pay your accountant for the work he gets done with the tsunami of sales flowing in.
  • Help you handle your inventory because, Boy! Wouldn’t you need some.
  • Send ourselves thank you notes for helping you chase growth.

Some use cases

Welcome users by sliding in an offer – Engaging them from Go:
Easily create the best first impression. Thank them for being on your site and give them specials first-time offers and encourage conversions.

Remind users:
Remind users who have subscribed to a 10 days trial version and remind them a few days beforehand so that the user has time to think over it. Ending their trial abruptly is rude especially if you deduct money from them without giving them a heads up. Ouch!

New collection shoutout:
When you add a new collection, make sure you do a shout-out for all your users.  Notification with limited offer activates the ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ syndrome and will drive users to your website.

Flash Sales:
One of the best ways to create a sense of excitement and urgency is to try flash sales. Show them what they will miss out on if they do not make a purchase in the given duration. This prompts users to make an immediate purchase.

A more detailed list of push notification use cases is listed here.

Here is how web push works:

Segmenting users as easy as this:

Stats that will make you weak in the knees:

Here are few case studies you might want to look at.

Here is what out ‘till death do us apart’ customers have to say

We have the arsenal, you have a business that wants to slash all competitors. I swear iZooto works like it’s on steroids. It helps you reach your peak  faster than Usain Bolt and drive sales faster than the ones on Fast and Furious. Well, what can I say. You need to try it, to believe it.

Checkout iZooto’s profile on Siftery

What you get with this deal:

Lifetime access to iZooto Team plan for $49! Yes, you saw it right. Normally that would cost you $900. Get it now!

  • Unlimited notifications for upto 2500 subscribers.
  • Banner Images support on Notifications.
  • Social Action buttons for Notifications.
  • Automated Notification Expiry.
  • Call to Action Buttons.
  • Subscriber Acquistion and Churn Report.
  • Campaign Performance Reports.
  • Custom Subscription Reports.
  • Geo Location Targeting.
  • Device Targeting.
  • Segmentation Basis Subscription Date.
  • Scheduling Notifications.
  • Smart Scheduling Basis TimeZone.
  • Segmentation Basis Campaign Performance.
  • Subscription Process Templates.
  • Drip Campaigns.
  • Event based segmentation (2 events)

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