Support and delight your customers, as a team.

HelpNinja deal ended on November 29th,2018.

It’s hard to manage emails from customers using traditional email systems like GMAIL or Outlook. Tickets which needs replies gets missed out, team’s can collaborate on the same inbox, similar tickets cannot be categorized. To solve this customer helpdesk system were created and they charge you per agent and the cost rises pretty steadily, so teams start to hand pick resources to support. We at HelpNinja believe the whole team should be on support. So we have a plan for Unlimited agents.

What does HelpNinja do?

HelpNinja is a support desk system, to manage all your incoming emails. Your whole team, not just customer support agents, can add notes and tag conversations for future reference. Answer customer queries faster than ever before and worry less on which emails need replies. Our agent collision detection will help you not step on each others’ feet when answering queries.

With HelpNinja, Your whole team can collaborate on customer emails and support them like a Ninja.

Collaborate with your team

With your whole team on board, the answer to any complex query is just a mention away. And your whole team understands the impact they have on customers, first-hand.

Be personal

Your customers won’t ever see a ticket ID. For them, it’s plain old email.

Support your customers like a Ninja

Built with speed and efficiency in mind, increase your customer satisfaction ratings by replying to their queries faster.

Know how your customers feel

With our satisfaction rating system, your customer can express how they felt about your support and you can make improvements to your process to wow them every time.

What’s included in the deal?

By signing up for Siftery Deal’s HelpNinja Lifetime offer, you will gain access to the following features:


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