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FormGet is the latest cloud-based software which is renowned for its multi-functional form building capabilities. The forms can be further enhanced with the help of all the available extensions.

All the forms can be created without any coding knowledge but just with few clicks and swipes to generate leads, gather survey data, collect payments and a lot more.

How Can FormGet Help Me?

1. Lead Generation

The most common mistake website owners make is that they do not recognize the importance of lead generation forms, which are the last important marker before conversion. With FormGet, you can harness the power of these forms and embed them on your website, thus enabling you to have a steady flow of incoming leads and to take your relationship building with potential buyers and subscribers to the next level.

2. Online Payment Collection

Having an easy payment process is essential for driving conversions and sales. With FormGet, you can rest assured that payments will be smooth. All of our forms include PayPal and Stripe extensions and allow you to collect one-time or recurring payments in a secure environment.

3. Build A Credible Brand Reputation

Having a strong and positive brand reputation is integral for generating sales. With FormGet, you control how consumers view your platform. Using our custom branding feature you can upload your own business logos and banners, ensuring your consumers know exactly who you are.

4. Lead Preservation

Email marketing is essential for any company looking to expand their business and grow their sales prospects. However, managing and maintaining a database of leads can be time consuming. Luckily, FormGet can auto-save the details of any leads within your email marketing service, thus helping you save valuable time and resources!

How Does FormGet Work?

Easily create forms with drag and drop features

With FormGet you can create forms in just minutes using our simple drag and drop features. Don’t know how to code? Don’t worry! No coding is required for the form development process.

Apply designs to the forms

Make your form stand-out with custom designing. Add your own branding to the forms.

Instantly embed and share forms

With FormGet’s easy to use software you can directly embed your forms or a sliding widget onto your website. Don’t have a website? No problem! FormGet also allows you to share your form via link sharing.

Collect instant payment with PayPal or Stripe

We want your customers to have as many payment options as possible, and we want you to have a hassle-free payment collection process. By including PayPal and Stripe extensions, we can do both!

Manage multiple forms at one place

With FormGet, you can embed forms on multiple websites and manage them all from one location!

Connect your forms with email marketing applications

By connecting your forms with your preferred email marketing services, you can instantly capture your leads and store them for future reference.

Create multilingual forms!

With FormGet, you can create forms in any language, thus enabling you to target a broad audience of potential customers.

How Have Other Businesses Used FormGet?

1. FormGet as a Payment Collection Tool

The core aspect of your or any business is steady revenue streams. Hence, it is vital to offer a one-click payment collection module to your customers. The customers are highly volatile about making payments when faced with some complexities. Hence, FormGet allows you to create a payment form with PayPal or Stripe as your preferred payment gateways.

The customers are less likely to abandon the payment process as it can be done in just few clicks, that too in a highly secured environment. To add more credibility to your payment forms, FormGet allows you to connect Email Autoresponder & Customizer extension. This will allow you send an automated confirmation mail upon every successful transaction.

2. FormGet as a Hiring Tool for HR Managers

HR Managers can use FormGet as a employee lead generation. Every organization needs an inflow of good candidates. FormGet can help HR managers in that task immensely. You can create a hiring form using FormGet and customize the form page according to your companies branding.

The candidates can see the application form and can submit their resumes which can directly reach the HR manager for consideration.

3. FormGet as a Data Collection and Subscription Payment Tool for Fitness Clubs

Forms created via FormGet form builder will help you collect the data for sports enthusiasts. When embedded on your site as the sliding widget, the forms will tempt your site visitors to drop their details for future interactions.

The form design customization feature also allows you to upload your club’s banners and logo in the form to create a credible brand reputation. And, the payment module integrated in the form can be used to renew the club’s membership.

4. FormGet as a Sponsorship Management Tool

Brands and businesses thrives because of the long-term support of their sponsors and financial benefactors. But earning their trust and convincing them to sponsor your cause or idea is a long shot.

FormGet can again make a special mark on your patrons because of the extreme attractiveness of the forms along with the custom branding feature. The forms can also provide a hassle free payment collection module within the form to streamline the sponsorship process.

5. FormGet as a Lead Generation Tool for Business Owners

Agreeably the foremost task of a business owner is to convert “potential” buyers into the “loyal, long-term” buyers. But this requires extensive manual efforts of collecting their details in the first place. FormGet can exclusively minimize the labour involved in your lead collection process. You can create highly customizable & responsive lead generating forms and integrate it on every page of your website.

FormGet forms can also be displayed as the sliding widget. This can surely tempt site visitors to fill-in their details and provide their consent to be targeted for business purposes.

6. FormGet as a Workshop Registration Tool

The criteria that classify a workshop as a successful workshop is the number of interested candidates. Interested candidates can be attracted towards your workshop with the classy design and responsiveness of FormGet forms.

On top of this, the registered users can be managed through the dashboard of FormGet. If you want to add payment modules in your forms then it can be done with the help of PayPal and Stripe payment gateway extensions.

7. FormGet as a Tool for Streamlining Admissions in Educational Institutions

The educational institutes are often flooded with the incoming requests for seeking admissions. This is usually handled in the old-school way of collection the hardcopy of admission forms.

FormGet can solve the workload of managing all the documents as the form can be used to collect the information and also to store it safely in the dashboard. If you, as an institute admin wants the aspirants to upload certain documents, the Upload field available in the form can solve this problem.

8. FormGet as an Event Management Tool

The most cumbersome task while managing or organizing an event is to handle the incoming RSVPs. But before that, you obviously have to handle the task of inform the probably guest lists about the event. Lucky enough for you, forms created via FormGet form builder is capable enough to broadcast your upcoming event as it can be easily integrated with the MailGet – Email Marketing service.

Talking about handling the incoming notifications and messages, FormGet collects it and stores it against the corresponding forms for future actions.

What’s Included?

Typically, FormGet’s Ultimate Plan costs $297/year. However, thanks to Siftery Deals, you can gain lifetime access to this transformative software for a one-time payment of just $69!

Here is an overview of the features included with this deal:

In addition, by signing up for this special FormGet offer you will be eligible for a number of FREE bonus features including access to 250 local business form header images, 250 pre-build form templates and lifetime customer support.


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