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Docsify deal ended on February 18th.

Emailing an offer to a potential client or pitching a product to an investor is stressful, especially when you don’t know if your email is even going to be read. Using Docsify’s email tracking tools, you can track if an email was opened. This valuable information can be used to guide and understand which of your prospects you should be targeting first, what the best time periods are to communicate with these leads, which of your proposals leads are most engaging and what the real needs of your prospects are.

Docsify improves how sales representatives communicate with prospective leads. Through it’s personalized document, website and attachment tracking features you can learn valuable information about your prospects. With Docsify you can save time by focusing on the right leads at the right time.

How can Docsify rock your workflow?

Per-Recipient Email Tracking: Docsify allows you to track multiple emails simultaneously. Some of the insights you can gain in real-time from the per-recipient email tracking feature are:

  • Who opened your email.
  • How many times your email was opened.
  • How many times inserted links were opened.
  • How many times inserted attachments were downloaded.
  • What devices it was opened from.

Per-Page Document Tracking: Emails are not the only things you can track using Docsify. Using the per-recipient per-page document tracking feature you can also assess the level of engagement recipients have had with documents you have shared. Some of the insights you can gain in real-time from the per-page document tracking feature are:

  • Which of your recipients looked at the document.
  • How long recipients viewed your document.
  • Which pages of your document were most viewed.
  • What pages the recipients was not viewed at all.

These features provide you with integral information that can help you personalize your pitch and sell more intelligently.

Per-Recipient Website Tracking (coming Mid-February): The per-recipient per-page website tracking feature allows you to develop insights about website links you include in your emails. Some of the insights you can gain in real-time from the per-recipient email tracking feature are:

  • Who opened your links
  • When they opened the links
  • Which specific pages were viewed
  • How long each website page was viewed

Prospect Prioritization: Docsify tracks all of your per-recipient’s interactions and provides you with an in-depth analytics assessment that is unparalleled in accuracy. You can now save time by focusing on leads that are sales-ready and engaged!

Email Optimization: Emailing prospective leads should be fast and convenient. Using Docsify, you can:

  • create your own templates and text snippets (coming Mid-February).
  • use SendLater to schedule email sending even if you are away from your computer.

Plus bonuses exclusive for this Siftery Deal

Zapier integrations: Docsify + Zapier integration put your sales routines on autopilot. More than 1000+ friendly apps make Docsify your personal automated sales assistant.

Sequences (Multi-steps Mail Merge) (coming Mid-April): Create automated campaigns and put your personal communications on autopilot. With our unique “Engagement catcher” you’ll never lose those leads who interested, but didn’t reply to you!

Who uses Docsify?

Docsify has changed the lives of sales representatives, project managers and recruiters at startups and small and medium companies around the world. Here are some testimonials about their experiences!

  • “Easy to plug-n-play and a central dashboard to monitor each and every activity. Great UI, UX and the functionality of the platform. I recommend using Docsify, it’s a great tool and have got one of the best customer support. I was finally able to replace HubSpot’s plug-in with a much powerful platform, Docsify!” – Naman Bhutani, Leadworx
  • “Really cool product to score leads: who is more interested in emails I sent. It is much easier to select leads among 100s of recipients, whom I should call first: obviously, those people who engage more with my presentations and docs. Docsify is a must-have email marketing tools for those who close deals.” – Vladimir Obrizan, Design and Test Lab
  • “This tool helps me to close deals in B2B sales about 25% more effective and easier. I can react exactly on time when to communicate and what are the pros of my proposal, I know when my customer is online and ready to discuss the deal!” – Vitalii Karabylo, Produtech ink
  • “Easy-to-use! I spend my working time smarter and skyrocket our team productivity. Docsify is included in our list of tools to make life easier for business professionals” – Svetlana Trofimenko, Epicflow

What’s included?

Thanks to Siftery, you can skip the  $1620 price tag and gain lifetime access to the Docsify Pro Plan for just $49! The plan includes unlimited access to per-recipient email, link, attachment, per-page document and per-page website tracking! As a bonus, it also includes Zapier integration and Sequences (Multi-steps Mail Merge).There are no hidden charges, everything is included.

So what are you waiting for? Get the deal now before it ends! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻



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  1. Hey guys, love the deal. Will this ever be useful on office 365 hosted email? or some other provider besides gmail?

  2. Ewok, that is absolutely true. As you can see the first line is
    Multi-recipient tracking (every recip is tracked)
    Per-page document tracking

    Use case:
    You have sent 3 PDFs(7pages) to 5 recipients.
    You’ll see stats for every single page of 7 by each of 5 recips by each PDF of 3

  3. And what about the refund waranty ? I asked you to change the email, you promised to do it 3 times. It’s up to you, if you don’t move I open an issue with my bank against you.

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