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Cogsworth deal ended on July 8th, 2018.

Scheduling. It’s a pain. The constant back and forth, the slew of emails and phone calls with customers and prospects. Making appointments should be easier. And it can be, with Cogsworth!

What is Cogsworth?

You need to focus on running your business, rather than juggling calendars and trying to schedule meetings. With Cogsworth you can seamlessly schedule meetings into your calendar without having to worry about time-consuming things such as time zone conversions and calendar comparisons. Cogsworth has been proven to save businesses, especially service oriented businesses, over 3 hours a month.

Currently, Cogsworth is popular among a number of industries and professions. Here are some examples!

Online consultants: Online consultants are busy people. They regularly hold meetings using platforms such as Skype, Google Hangouts and Zoom. But scheduling can be a real hassle. With Cogsworth, clients can book appointments with consultants via their email signature, website or their online portals, and consultants can kick back and have them populate in their calendar automatically.

Sales representatives: With aggressive sales targets to meet and hundreds of emails being sent every day, sales representatives can’t be wasting a minute on superfluous things. With Cogsworth, sales representatives can create 15 minute windows on their calendar, and potential leads can sign up for meetings through outreach emails.

Businesses with multiple staff members: If you’re a business that has multiple staff members with multiple different schedules, you’re going to want to ensure you can cater to as many clients as possible everyday without having to spend too much time scheduling appointments on the phone or via email. With Cogsworth you can easily define business hours for each of your staff members and automatically send reminder emails to clients. Just embed the scheduling link on your website and watch as appointments seamlessly come in.

Why Cogsworth?

Cogsworth is an easy to use conversion-focused appointment software that will get you leads and save you hours! Cogsworths’ features include:

  • Easy 2 minute integration with your email system and website — let customers book you!
  • ↑ in form conversion by up to 20% – which means you get better ROI from your marketing and sales efforts
  • Save more than 20 hours a year by avoiding scheduling back and forths
  • Reduce no shows and make sure people keep their appointments with follow-ups
  • Control how much time you want to allocate to meetings by setting time parameters
  • Add buffer periods between bookings and minimum notice times to enable breaks and transit times
  • Allow your staff to be booked directly from your website and monitor and view their availability and progress
  • Easily embed Google Hangouts links for your online appointments. Hassle-free and automatic time zone conversions! No more confusion and no more missed appointments.
  • Ask custom questions in your booking form and qualify your leads.

Here’s what our customers think about us

What’s included in this deal?

Thanks to Siftery you can get lifetime access to Cogsworth’s PRO plan for just $49 ($2,340 value). In addition:

  • The first 100 buyers will get a free 100 SMS pack.
  • The next 100 will get a free 50 SMS pack.
  • All subsequent buyers will get a 20 SMS pack.

NOTE: this deal is only limited to the above features and does not include additional new features that may be added in the future.

25 Responses

  1. And up to 3 different business instances which typically cost $5 per business per month? So how many are included? And I can’t see the LTD on my account page though I used the right code.

  2. Need more time to share my feedback. I have to say that this platform is well designed. And I have read somewhere that Hangouts could be integrated in the booking form. That would make this a great choice for trainers.

  3. Thanks Rami, yes hangouts links are generated after you sync your gmail or gsuite and then create a service which is has a “video call” option

  4. When the code is entered into cogsworth, should we select the pro monthly or the lifetime $199 deal to enter the code? Also when the code is entered should it show what your actually going to pay?

  5. Hi, this seem to be a Killer App. And I noticed that you have a great road map.!

    But I do have some concerns about this:
    “NOTE: this deal is only limited to the above features and does not include additional new features that may be added in the future.”

    So my question is, if I get this deal, will I get those coming features (below) without having to pay more?

    Support for recurring events
    Updates to notification centre
    Additional calendar view
    Front end translation
    More white-labelling options
    Front end booking page speed improvements
    Group bookings – 1 to many
    Webhooks support
    Affiliate platform
    Buffer times before and after meetings
    Static location form links
    Paypal payment support
    Custom hours for services
    Custom questions per service


  6. Asked a question 4 days ago and no reply!

    Is Cogsworth support still available on this thread?

  7. The deal is misguiding! Why?

    – No Personalised logo on booking page (in this deal he is offering something that already exists for free plans as pre their official pricing page).
    – No SMS Pack mentioned explicitly in the Features (nether he mentioned about any 3rd party apps that can be integrated, eg, Twillio)


  8. Hey @disqus_O51CGyEAg8:disqus – to answer your question

    1. In the free plan you only get to trial this functionality for 14 days then it gets disabled so you do not get logo upload
    2. SMS packs will be $20 for $100 SMS, and in the meantime, 100 SMS are given as a once off to anyone who buys the deal.

  9. Hey @@disqus_XMoyd1zNh1:disqus apologies, I don’t get notifications on this. Please @ mention me to make sure I get this.
    Regarding the deal, that roadmap is outside the scope of the pro plan.
    The pro plan which is what this deal is does have this roadmap

    All those who had already bought the deal do get the above roadmap as we had not made that clear before.
    We will be offering a special deal to all those that buy the deal, but right now, the deal is very good given the current features alone.

  10. But even if I buy this plan you’re not giving Personalised Logo on the booking page, right?

  11. @Cogsworth
    The current deal is great, but missing some important upcoming features. Can you tell us how much we will have to pay in the future to get the upcoming features? (Front end translation,white-labelling options, Custom questions per service, Custom hours for services, etc…)

  12. @veltin:disqus , can we embed the booking page to any website?
    Does it integrates well with WordPress?
    Can we use custom domains?

  13. Does this just help you schedule or can you actually accept payments on it as well?

    As in, someone chooses a timeslot to see me, can they go ahead and pay through this app or no?

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