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CanvasFlip deal ended on March 26th,2018.

CanvasFlip is a cloud-based design collaboration and testing platform, which enables you to create design prototypes, capture analytics and find and fix usability issues in your prototypes.

If you are a designer, product manager, marketing manager or an entrepreneur, creating prototypes, receiving feedback from clients and internal stakeholders and collaborating with engineering teams is part of your daily workflow.  These workflows are made easier by the numerous tools available to you during every stage in this process, whether it be prototyping, user testing or design delivery. However, identifying which of these tools is the most effective and subsequently choosing and managing them often requires a significant amount of time, effort and money. On average, designers pay $175 per month, or $2000 per year, for prototyping, user testing and delivery tools, and prices only continue to rise.

But your workflow does not have to be this complicated and costly. What if there was a way for you to achieve the same results using one tool, at a fraction of the cost?

Here’s where CanvasFlip comes in

At CanvasFlip, we bring all the tools you need to design memorable experiences on websites and apps under one single platform. We aim to save you time and money, while ensuring you can achieve your product goals!
Let’s have a look at how CanvasFlip can help you:
Prototyping: CanvasFlip offers a seamless medium-fidelity prototyping tool which enables you to create and express your ideas quickly.
                                                      The platform is simple to use for designers and non-designers alike
Integration with tools such as Sketch and Balsamiq make it possible for you to get started in just a few clicks. The layers feature allows you to create realistic prototypes without requiring you to learn new skills or take up too much time or effort. With CanvasFlip, you’ll have your first prototype up and running in less than 10 minutes. No coding required!
                                                                                  Are you a Sketch user? Get started with CanvasFlip in just one click!
Feedback and collaboration: With CanvasFlip, feedback and collaboration are easier than before! Simply share your prototyping link with your clients and stakeholders and they can review and add comments from mobile and desktop platforms anywhere.
                                                           Collaborate with clients and internal stakeholders to receive feedback and comments on designs

User Testing: Do you struggle to setup user tests? With CanvasFlip you don’t have to worry about installing apps or plugins anymore! Just share the link of your prototype and you will be able to record videos and analyze user sessions. Identifying improvements has never been easier!

                                                  Record and analyze videos of user sessions by simply sharing the link of your prototype. No extra effort required!

Data and Decision Making: Do you need quantitative data to back your ideas? CanvasFlip gives you access to information on user journeys and interaction heatmaps. Conversion funnels are also automatically recorded to enable quick decision making.

                                                              CanvasFlip allows you to test, iterate and improve conversions right from your designs

Additions: Want more? CanvasFlip users also have access to task-based testing and surveys through platforms such as Google Forms, SurveyMonkey and Typeform.

                                     CanvasFlip’s insightful features allow you to check which CTA’s are functional and which ones need improvement

Design hand-off (SPECS): Everytime you sync your Sketch artboards with CanvasFlip, you receive a pixel-perfect hand-off for you to share with your developers. The SPECS include design properties, color and typography information as well as CSS code.

                         CanvasFlip delivers you pixel-perfect design details, allowing you to build a memorable experience on your websites and apps
Easy Management: Using SPECS you can manage your developer list and create style guides for your design and development teams. Interaction-maps for your designs are also automatically generated, allowing you and other stakeholders to easily view the entire flow at once.
                                                             Interaction map helps you visualize the entire flow effortlessly in just one click

Feedback collaboration on live-websites (Visual inspector): Once your designs have moved to production, the Visual Inspector will help you spot bugs and identify areas for improvement during design reviews. You can also make quick design changes on the live website itself, without coding!

With all of these awesome features under one single interface, you can save time, energy and money and create the best designs possible!

Who uses CanvasFlip?

CanvasFlip caters to a large audience of designers, product managers, marketing professionals and entrepreneurs. These users range from freelance specialists to designers at agencies, product companies, Fortune 500 companies and management consulting organizations.

Here is what users have said about CanvasFlip:

  • “MUST for every designer to prototype and validate ideas faster. CanvasFlip has become essential for the design process I follow with my team due to the set of interlinked solutions it offers.  Great customer support too!” – Jorge Zarco, Sr. Product Design Lead, Accenture
  • “CanvasFlip is a great tool for prototyping. Highly recommended for mobile app prototypes.” – Rahul Saini, Head of Product Design, PayTm
  • “CanvasFlip Live helped us to understand how users interact with our product in real-time at design stage, removes assumptions and save times for entire team.” – Ajith Sowndararajan, UX Manager @Freshdesk
  • “I was totally surprised to see videos and conversion funnel of people using prototype which I had created literally in just 10 minutes.” – Abhinav Mittal, Sr. Manager UX, MakeMyTrip
  • “The User Experience and Design team at Quikr loves the product for the ease of Prototyping and powerful feedback mechanism.” – Nitin Sethi, VP Product Design & User Experience, Quikr
  • “CanvasFlip has revolutionized prototyping by making user research possible at designs itself. Now app UX are validated even before app is build.” – Sahil Sharma, Product lead – Mobile, Economic Times
  • “Most efficient way of User Research. My decisions now are based on tangible and reference able UX analysis in CanvasFlip.” – Mayur Chowdhary, Head User Experience – Magicbricks

Take advantage of this deal to join an elite, global club of over 40,000 designers, product managers, marketers and entrepreneurs who use CanvasFlip to design millions of pixel-perfect websites and apps. Interested in learning more? Click here to find out more about who is using CanvasFlip.


What’s included in this deal?

Siftery is offering you the CanvasFlip Professional Plan for $49 for the entire year (that’s an 83% discount!). With this deal, you will be able to create an unlimited number of prototypes, videos, heatmaps and hand-off designs for an entire year. There are no hidden charges, everything is included. And if after one year, you want to renew your membership, you can renew for the same price — $49!

So what are you waiting for? Gain access to unlimited prototyping, user testing and design hand-off tools for just $49 before the deal is gone! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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