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BlogBing deal ended on July 28th, 2018.

Starting a blog or online business is easy, but harnessing the right online marketing tools to bring in targeted traffic, without burning cash, is challenging. Keyword research is an integral part of this process. Whether you’re running targeted advertisements, writing content or optimizing your social media performance, keywords are an important component of online marketing.

After spending over five years in the blogging industry, we understand how keyword research challenges can hinder productivity and success. So we launched BlogBing to provide accurate and focused data and solutions to bloggers.

What is BlogBing?

BlogBing simplifies your keyword research process by centralizing all relevant data in one location. All you need to do is enter your primary keyword, select your target market, choose your preferred research method and BlogBing will return a list of relevant keywords with valuable real-time metrics and insights including Cost Per Click (CPC), search volume, Bloggers’ Cost per Click for AdSense (BCPC) and Adwords Competition. In addition, BlogBing will also provide you with competitor insights, detailing metrics such as SEO difficulty and search trends for your top ten competitors.

What does BlogBing do?

Some of BlogBing’s key features include:

  • Deep Data Metrics: At BlogBing, we’ve leveraged existing metrics to provide you with more insightful and detailed ones. Some of the metrics we offer are search volume, min-max CPC, BCPC and Adwords PPC. Our metrics provide real-time data and we ensure the highest levels of accuracy by engaging third-party providers when filtering.
  • Search Results’ Competitor Analysis: In order to be the best, you need to know who you’re competing against.BlogBing provides you with data of your top ten competitors with Moz metrics and backlinks.
  • Real Time Volume Trend: Say goodbye to outdated data on search volume history. We collect search volume trend data in real time and ensures you are always working with the most updated and accurate information.
  • Keyword SEO Difficulty: With our real time SEO difficulty insights, you can design your SEO strategy to be more effective and accurate.
  • Multiple Research Methods: Choose from our wide list of research methods, which include LSI keywords, long tail keywords and related keywords, to ensure that your keyword suggestions are tailored and relevant to your needs.
  • Global and Local Data: Whether your market is global or local, we’ve got you covered. Just choose your target country, and we’ll provide you with key data insights for that location. We’re always working to expand our list of geographies covered, so stay tuned as this list will grow!

What’s included in this deal?

For only $79, you can gain lifetime access to BlogBing’s Executive Plan.


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