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Atina deal ended.

Are you using a project management tool to keep your business going? Who doesn’t, right? It’s impossible to keep your business organized without them.
But do you really know the details, who was the rockstar of your team last week and who slacked off? No? Well, how can you make your team work more efficiently without analyzing the work finished last week?
Don’t worry. Atina is here to help.

What is Atina?

Project management tools are must for anyone doing business today. Atina is a project management tool for teams. With clean UI, highly customizable features, analytics and its simplicity, it’s what your team needs to get the job done!

What can Atina do for you?

With Atina, you can see the process of a project in detail and understand what really is going on. That will help you to coordinate your team with better timing and make you project management superstar!

Why Atina?

Atina helps teams to see the big picture easily in a single board. See who is doing what and when, at any step of a project. Get performance reports and analytics of tasks’ details as the team leader to keep your team in harmony, to see how everyone is performing and know to whose beers you are buying on next Friyay!
Use tailored templates and customize them to achieve better results. Atina currently has tailored project management templates for teams of content, sales, design, recruitment, marketing and development.
And Atina is very simple to use. You don’t need to deal with a confusing UI and go through lenghty set-up process. All you need to do is to invite your team members, create a new project and start assigning tasks.

What about security?

Your security is our number one priority, because we understand how important it is and that is why we take every measure that is possible. customer’s data is stored on Amazon Servers (AWS) in USA.From our end, we will ensure that all our activities meet the GDPR standards by May 25, 2018. For more information about security, please check here.

How does Atina work?

Project management shouldn’t be a burden for team members, who are already under stress and making effort to finish deadlines. That’s why Atina is very simple to use. 
You can skyrocket your team’s efficiency in only 4 steps:
  1. Create your first project and its new workspace. Then choose a tailored templated that suits your team best. Will your team design a new logo for a shoe company? Choose “Design Project” and it’s ready!
  2. Invite your team members. Send differentiated invites for your team members, project managers or customers.
  3. Add tasks and assign your team members. Customize the template any way you want.
  4. At any step of your project, check the “Analytics” tab to see who is doing what and when.

What’s included in this deal?

By signing up for Siftery Deal’s Atina Lifetime Plan offer, you will gain access to the following features:
  • Unlimited projects, workspaces, tasks, custom fields, filters and lifetime support.
Our two different deal only matters for how many team members you can invite to your projects.

18 Responses

  1. Hi Muhammed, future updates included in the deal!

    We plan to integrate Zapier and Slack soon.

    Because we are still building the core of Atina, we believe in moving fast and that’s why we don’t have a fixed roadmap. We are collecting lots of feedback from users and work on new features now!

  2. Hi David,

    Yes! Zapier and Slack integrations are on top of our to do list. And of course, all future updates are included.

  3. Does this integrate with Dropbox, Google Drive or other tools for Attachments? Like Monday (aka Dapulse) that allows to attach files from those systems seamless.

  4. Hello Mac,

    We have two different deals solely based on user number of a team.

    – Up to 10 people
    – Unlimited


  5. Hello Luis,

    On top of our incoming updates, there are integrations with Zapier and Slack.

    We do plan to integrate with G Drive & Dropbox some time after that but honestly I can’t give an exact time right now.

  6. Are there any upgrades that you will consider charging us for in the future, and if so, can we discuss those? I’m interested investing based on the roadmap, perhaps with upfront onetime purchases instead of monthlies for a onetime upfront cost

  7. That’s bad, I will let the deal pass because of that, I really want a tool that integrates as Monday does with those tools so we can really be using it for project management.

  8. Thank you.. another question is People love Clicup and trello. So if we do the comparison of atino with these 2 apps. how much time Atino will need to add all the feature they have ? Honestly speaking the app look promising but i want something that cover all the feature of trello and Clickup.. Right now there is an another deal named Gitscrum. the admin is too active, when you suggest him something . within few hours they add that feature to there tool.. so what about you guys ?

  9. Hello again Luis,

    Although I’m sorry to make you pass the deal right now, I believe honesty and transparency is more important for long term lifecycle for any business.

    We have gladly noted your feedback and will work on such integrations as soon as we can. Thank you for guiding us to make Atina better!

  10. Hello Bruce,

    – Yes, lifetime deal buyers will get all future updates without any extra cost.
    – Our current roadmap is:
    – Slack & Zapier integrations,
    – Mac & PC apps,
    – Link sharing with clients to show your work in Atina (no limit!)
    – Mobile apps

    Because we are still building the core of Atina, we believe in moving fast and that’s why we don’t have a fixed roadmap other than the steps I mentioned above. We are collecting lots of feedback from users and work on new features based on them!

  11. will that include white label options @mert, like cname or replaceable logo on dashboard, or branded emails?

  12. This looks very promising – I used Dapulse/Monday for over a year and it can get expensive. Will there be email integration and notifications build in? I see the system is minimal and there are dated pages – are there any plans on moving this project forward more aggressively. What are the current challenges? See attached: 1) Project logo integration necessary + 2) Updated dialogs. Is there some form of timeline at least for minimal accountability? To fix the dialogue issue we can inject our own code into these sections to customize our appearance?

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