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Airim deal ended on November 30th.

Your users often want to figure out your product on their own, either from your website or by navigating your web app. But while they do this, they get stuck at multiple places. 90% of the time, they might simply want to search for some quick information to understand a feature or service better.

Unfortunately, traditional ways to do this takes a lot of their time and effort. They either have to figure something out by sifting through an extensive knowledge base, or wait for someone to answer their questions over a chat. Even worse is when they have to face a bot, which asks them several questions but ends up showing only an error message.

This often makes them turn away and look for better alternatives online. Companies lose so many customers every day because of this.We believe that this problem can be solved using personalization. If done right, users can find any information they want within one second.

What does Airim do?

Airim is a virtual assistant that lets your users search your knowledge base from anywhere in your website or app.Once you user clicks on it, it automatically identifies their context – like which page they are at, which ad campaign they came from and which stage they are in their purchase journey.

Based on the identified context, the user instantly sees the most relevant content from your knowledge base, that they are most likely to engage with. They can also use a searchbox to get smart search results quickly within the same window.You can also customise keywords and tags that can point to a particular article from knowledge base. You can also add a strong Call-to-Action to each article, so users can take the next step quicker. All this can be done with zero lines of code.

Effortless to set up

Airim needs no training to set up. Just enter the URL of your knowledge base and everything is set up in a minute. Take it live on a webpage by copy-pasting a small piece of code.

Fast Search, with Google-level accuracy

When your user wants to search your knowledge base, Airim automatically generates Search Tags so your users spend less time figuring out what to type, and reach their desired article quickly and accurately.

Tells you what’s trending and where to improve

Find out trending search queries and track the click-through-rate of each article over time. Airim also gives you suggestions to improve your knowledge base content, by learning from your customer interactions over time.

Blends seamlessly with your current tools

Whether you use Zendesk, Intercom or Freshdesk, Airim integrates with your knowledge base, live chat, CRM and contact forms in one click, so you don’t have to make any changes to your preferred workflows.

Show or hide your widget where you want

Airim gives you options to place your widget anywhere within a page. It comes with four preset options – bottom right, bottom left, middle right and middle left of the page. You can also program to hide the widget when your customer is using another application.

Get notified as soon as a lead arrives

Airim allows users to fill up a contact form, or chat with an agent if they aren’t able to get the information they wanted. All contact requests can come to you as emails, enter your CRM funnel.

What’s included in the deal?

By signing up for Siftery Deal’s Airim Lifetime offer, you will gain access to the following features:


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